Monday, November 3, 2014

Never Tamed - Review of the Wild Turkey 101 Rye

Wild Turkey Rye 101

Years ago this whiskey could easily be found on many store shelves. Originally released in small quantities to retailers in 2012, it was easily obtainable to the rye lovers.   The following year it returned to the market but to limited on premise accounts in 21 markets across the country, mainly bars and restaurants.  During that time, the sudden boom in popularity in bourbon and whiskey, it made it harder to find a bottle. Like the label states, 101 Proof, this whiskey has come back strong. This delicious rye has now been re-released to the general public and become a bit more plentiful to meet the demand of the whiskey enthusiasts.  The first time I had the privilege to sample this smooth rye was at a nearby Lexington bourbon bar that I often visit.  After tasting this high proof rye, I quickly started my search to found my own.  It took some time but my hunt was over and I quickly snatched up the first bottle I could find.

The nose of this spirit is quite deceptive.  Not as fruity and fragrant as many ryes as one would expect.  I anticipated to get floral notes but instead got a nose of lightly sweet caramel.   
The front of the palate was incredibly smooth.  Quite surprising for a rye at this proof.  Tropical fruits reminiscent of coconut and banana extend to a buttery smooth mid-palate.
The finish sneaks up very quickly with characteristic rye spice.  The finish is pleasant with only a slight burn.  

The whiskey lingers on the palate for some time with a long peppery sense with only a hint of the oak in which it was aged. 

Although it has no age stamp, based on the flavor profiles, I estimate that this is roughly a 6-8 year product.  Coming in 1 liter bottles for roughly $40 – this is a great example of a delicious rye whiskey.