Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for that Bourbon Lover In Your Life

Finding the right gift for someone can be hard.  Finding that perfect gift for the bourbon lover in your life can be even more challenging.  If you are not in the know and don't understand what he or she is talking about when your shopping with them at your local wine and spirits store, use this list that I have made up to help make the holiday shopping a lot easier.

Whiskey Glass(s)

Even though their are many glasses on the market, only a few make it to the list.  The top glasses for the whiskey drinker are:

The Neat Glass -

The most scientific glass made to date to get the best taste and notes from their favorite whiskey.

Custom Glencairn Whiskey Glass -

Have a set of glasses customized with their name, logo, or favorite team or whiskey etched right on the glass.

Decanter Box Set

Can't find a bottle of pappy for them?  Order the next closest thing, the Pappy Van Winkle decanter set.  A decanter set that will truly set them apart from all their friends. 

Per Pappy & Co.

Warm, rich, and filled with history: Not just Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, but also the barrels it’s made in. Heritage Handcrafted has breathed new life into reclaimed Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrel wood to create these limited-edition boxes. Limited in production to 250, this treasure will never again be produced. Each box is handcrafted, individually numbered and personally authenticated by Julian Van Winkle with a signed note. Each unique box is adorned with a solid bronze “Old Rip Van Winkle” logo and accented with touches of handcrafted iron, luxurious velvet and hand-braided leather. Inside, you will find a crystal decanter, two crystal glasses and four hand-wrapped Pappy cigars. A perfect set for the bourbon aficionado

Bourbon Apparel

Just because they can't drink bourbon all day long, doesn't mean they can show their love of bourbon throughout the day.


Every whiskey lover needs a flask or two.  Their are flasks for all occasions and adding another to their set will help them along the way.

Whiskey Barrel Stylus Pen

If you care about what they drink, they should care about what they use when they write letters or notes on their favorite whiskey.

Whiskey Tasting Notes Book

Having a good source to keep their notes on all the whiskey(s) will help them remember what they will go back to and what to move on from.

Whiskey Barrel Chairs and Furniture

 There is life for a barrel after all the whiskey has been poured.  Buying a beautiful piece of furniture that has been handmade from a talented craftsman is a great gift to any bourbon lover.


When all else fails, simply ask your local wine and spirits owner for a good reasonably priced bourbon and they will point you to the right direction.  Any spirit lover will appreciate a good whiskey.