Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jefferson Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish Review

Jefferson's newest submission to the world of bourbon comes from a wine barrel.  This bottling is presented in the traditional Jefferson's Reserve mold with a distinguishing red label sporting all the critical specs.  Groth, a 4-6 year old chill filtered bourbon is mellowed in former cabernet wine casks sourced form California's Groth Family Winery.  The roughly 9 month finishing process in these French oak barrels lends a number of unique characteristics to the spirit.  The color of this sipper has just a hint of the red hued cousin that formerly occupied the barrel. 

The nose is reminiscent of a classic 6 year whiskey with prominent vanilla notes and a nutty aroma. 

On the palate, Groth presents familiar notes of caramel and vanilla.  Coming in at 90.2 proof, the best way to enjoy this tasty beverage is over a few ice cubes which releases a sweet nose and red wine notes.   I have tried Groth a number of different times.  Each round, I find different notes to call out.  Almonds, nectarine, honey, peaches, berries and even toffee. 

Towards the end of the tasting, you really discover the flavors of the wine barrel aging.  There is a dry finish similar to that of a quality cabernet. 

I really enjoyed this unique entry into the bourbon world.  It comes with a price tag around $80 so it is a special occasion drink.   Try it today with a few other bourbon enthusiasts - you will be glad you did.