Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review of the True Cubes - Ice So Clear It Disappears

My service philosophy for any bourbon or whiskey consumed with company or while unwinding, consists of the belief that a proper dram is best enjoyed in an appropriate glass and (if you choose) with an ice cube crafted accordingly.

If a distiller spent the time and effort to age and perfect my drink, I can spend the effort to enjoy it in the proper way.     

True Cubes, originally born from Kickstarter, is a success story.  Their goal of creating a unique, well priced cube for your favorite spirits served over ice has done just that.  With an aim of creating a simple solution to the age-old issue of foggy ice, the result is a clear, "crystal like" ice cube that nearly disappears in your glass.     

Immediately, I was highly impressed with the packaging, design, and instruction booklet which accompanied the True Cube.  Though it seems simple enough, in order to construct the perfect cube, consult the manual for the best possible outcome.

Rather than using high-end bottled water, you can simply use your H2O from the tap to create the perfect cube.

With three simple steps, you fill the True Cubes Tray with tap water.  Second, you freeze the tray.  Third, you pop out the four crystal clear ice cubes and enjoy.


 Each cube is 2"x 2"x 2" so consider using an Old Fashioned/rocks glass.  Once you find the right vessel, your next step is to enjoy the benefits of the True Cube.

Based on the site, the benefits of the True Cube include clarity, purity, flavor, cube maintenance (doesn’t melt), and simply beauty.  After using the True Cube, I would have to agree on all these points.  For those who are skeptical of using something other than an ordinary ice cube, I challenge you to expand your outlook and give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.            

The two draw-backs that I found were the size of the product and cube production.  This is an “investment” in space and time.  Move all those frozen pizzas out of the way and clear room.  Once you make a few loads, place them in a Ziploc to conserve space.  It doesn’t need to live in the freezer all the time.  You can make enough ice per tray to keep you going for a few nights.
If you are like me with a family of five, you likely have a deep-freezer.  This helped me open up some much needed space in the fridge for all my whiskey toys. 

The price point for the True Cube is perfect.  It falls in the gift giving range and I would compare the quality and results to some of the bar style ice cube makers that run upwards of a hundred dollars or more.  

Enjoy your pour a little better with this ice cube.  I promise you, you won't be disappointed. 

Cost: $45.00

Where to buy: www.truecubes.com

Want to know more?  Check out their You Tube channel.  Learn how to remove the clear ice cubes the right way and check out their Kickstarter Video.

True Cubes Youtube channel

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