Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jefferson's Reserve Chef Collaboration Review: A Boubron Created with Food and Friends in Mind

Pairing drinks with different types of food has become very popular in today's dinning experiences and private parities.  Wine pairing has best been known to be the leading example of this trend.  But for those who enjoy bourbon, where do you start.  What food, chocolate, or cheese do you decide to share in an evening of sipping and nibbling?  Thanks to the most recent addition and creation from Jefferson's Reserve, we now have a bourbon that was specifically made for that reason.  Please welcome, Jefferson's Chef Collaboration.

Trey Zoeller, the founder and Master Blender of Jefferson's Bourbon started asking this question of pairing with his good friend Chef Edward Lee.  Chef Edward Lee is the main chef of 610 Magnolia, located in Louisville, KY.  To truly understand the complexity of this bourbon, you must get to know one of it's creators.  Chef Edward is a Korean-American who grew up in Brooklyn, trained in NYC kitchens and now resides in Kentucky.  Lee's culinary style and refined palate draws from his Asian background, New York training, and his love for American Southern cuisine.  Lee's statement from his website states, "I never met a bourbon I didn't like".  For the most part, that's a pretty good statement. 

The collaboration of these two good friends that share a passion for bourbon and food took around nine plus months to perfect.  Like the food that Chef Lee creates at 610 and noted in his cook book, both Tray and Lee wanted their bourbon to complement spicier foods and heat-heavy dishes.  What they came up with was a combination of a 5 year old, an 8 year old an a 14 year old rye bourbon at 92 proof.  The rye addition was key or "epiphany" of what made the bourbon pair so well and their goal to complement those Southern, Asian, dishes.

The final product was a smoother rye mix with an array of flavors.    

My review on the first sip:

The Collaboration is a very smooth and enriched flavored bourbon that releases many different flavors throughout your taste buds.  The sweetness starts from the oak and cherry and then the sour mash gently awakes the middle of your taste buds.  The finish is a smooth, not too spiced, ending before you you complete your sip.

I prefer drinking this bourbon "neat", so that one can enjoy the work behind the combination of flavors and smoothness that I believe was intended during it's creation.    

I give this four and half out of five barrels.

Product Description from the horses mouth:

 Ridiculously small batch limited offering is a marriage of very rare barrels of bourbon and rye. We wanted a blend with harmonious flavors, with smoke and spice. It is just as pretty alone in a glass as it is alongside the supper table. This is a singular, custom blend, the result of our collaboration and friendship. Here now, but gone soon. Drink up. - Jefferson's

Price point Nation Wide:  $39.99 to $49.99
Size 750ML
46% ABV  92 Proof


610 Magnolia

Chef Edward Lee

 Jefferson's Bourbon

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