Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review of the Jacob Bromwell Great American Flask - A Flask that Stands All By Itself

Copper has long played a significant role in the history of mankind.  Since the discovery of its properties as an uncompounded metal along with it's accessibility, the use copper throughout the world - particularly in whiskey distilleries, is even more prevalent today.

Spirits and copper have gone hand and in hand since the beginning of distillation.  Without going into a history lesson, copper is essential to proper distillation and purification along with properties that include the preservation of nutrients. These are just a few reasons why we see the use of copper in the process of making the finest spirits we all have grown to love. 

Bourbon and whiskey lovers take great pride in what they choose to drink.  For that reason, people have special shelves, cabinets and areas of their home dedicated in keeping and displaying their spirits.  So I ask the question, why would you not have something  just as special to carry your prized whiskey when you’re not at home.  That question was answered when I came across The Great American Flask.

The Great American Flask is just that.  Handmade from Jacob Bromwell, a company, founded in 1819 who produces high quality, handmade kitchen & bake-ware products, drink-ware, writing instruments, tobacco and men's accessories.  Their philosophy is simple, they want their customers to experience the simple and traditional values that once was.  Each Great American Flask is  handmade from 100% pure cooper that is lined with hot tin.  Hot tin provides greater wear and corrosion resistance than that of most base materials.  Also, hot tin prevents the copper from oxidizing.  Each seam on the flask is soldered with lead-free solder by hand, showing some imperfections due to the natural part of the hand-made process.  As a bonus,  it makes each flask completely unique. 

The flask holds 9 oz. compared to your standard stainless steel 8 oz. flasks.  The Great American Flask is also made historically-correct from the early original 1800’s copper flask.  How would I know that? The company has been in business since then and still going strong.     

The Great American flask can be ordered and customized to your liking.  You can include their beautiful gift box, a pure copper chain and or copper funnel.  If like your copper to stay fresh, you can add their copper polish as well or just watch the patina develop overtime.  They also offer personal engraving up to 30 characters.

Made in the U.S.A. it also carries a “True” Lifetime guarantee.  What that guarantee means is that every item purchased through Jacob Bromwell will meet your highest standard or you can exchange or return for complete refund.  This reminded me of what a gentleman's word and hand shake once meant.    

The large mouth allows a better flow then a standard flask would and I noticed that it made it easier to clean, refill and empty again. 

Though larger than other flasks, it still fits nicely in one’s hand and can still be tucked away in a coat pocket, pants, or a blazer.

The flask comes with two options to seal your vessel. Unlike most flasks that have permanent captive closures or a cap attached, when you buy the Great American Flask you will receive a birch wood stopper and a cork stopper.  Because both options are not attached, it makes it a bit easier to lose and harder to replace.  Jacob Bromwell does offer a copper chain to remedy that problem and I was told that they will be offering a leather strap soon. (see below)

To break my birch wood stopper in, I soaked mine in water for a few days to allow it to absorb and soften.  This gave it more of a snug fit and wouldn't allow any leaking if it tipped over.  

First Fill -

It took me a minute to decide what should be the first bourbon I filled my Great American Flask with but I felt I chose a fitting whiskey.  I went with the Old Forester 1870 original batch released in the winter of 2014.  Like the Great American Flask, Old Forester 1870 was made to represent something that once was and bring honor to the heritage that got them to where they are today. With two products emulating the pioneering spirit in their own way, I felt it was the right choice

Taste Comparison - 

After filling the flask, I compared it side by side with a bourbon glass.  I allowed the bourbon to sit in the Great American Flask for over 24 hours, giving it time to settle.  During my comparison, I could not taste any change in flavor compared to the the Old Forester in the bourbon glass.  Other than getting some nose from the glass, the Great American Flask did a fantastic job of providing me exactly what I expect from sip to sip.  
Final Thoughts - 

I was highly impressed with the Jacob Bromwell and the care that went into their products.  The service I received was top notch and that's something that you just don't experience in todays fast past world.  The price of the flask is worth the labor and craftsmanship involved.  Knowing that you own something truly unique and the care and effort that was put into the making of it, makes all the difference.

I look at the Great American Flask as more as an investment than just another vessel.  I can see this being passed down to my sons one day, know that it will hold up for the years to come and only aging gracefully like bourbon does in each barrel.  Overall, this is truly a unique flask worthy of being carried by proud men and holding the oldest and or rarest of whiskies. 

Price starting at $199.99 and goes up depending on accessories added or custom engraving.

Website - Jacob Bromwell

Facebook -  J.B. Est. 1819


  1. I recently bought on off these, read the fine print and found their flasks are imported from India. If you look under “specifications” on the site it will note they are imported.

  2. I recently bought on off these, read the fine print and found their flasks are imported from India. If you look under “specifications” on the site it will note they are imported.

  3. I recently bought on off these, read the fine print and found their flasks are imported from India. If you look under “specifications” on the site it will note they are imported.

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