Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Unique Tasting Experience - Review of the Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glass

The Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glass is the first of a few upcoming whiskey/bourbon glasses that I will be reviewing in the weeks to come.

In order to fully enjoy the characteristics of bourbon, a good glass must first be chosen.  Sure, any glass will do but glasses specifically made and designed  for bourbon tasting will help make one's experience more memorable.

Starting off with my personal belief of what one should do before reviewing anything is one must learn and understand its creator to fully grasp the product or creation and why it was made.

The company's philosophy and meaning behind Sagaform is as followed per their website:

 Joyful, innovative gifts for the kitchen and the set table.  Indoors and outdoors.  Joyful gifts for friends or family, or to spoil yourself with.  Sagaform wants its brand and product range to be the obvious gift choice for Saturday nights' dinner hosts, or the new neighbor you want to welcome to the neighborhood, or yourself when you want to brighten your own day.

When reviewing the rocking whiskey glass, I kept all of this in mind.

The bourbon that was chosen to review the rocking glass was Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength OESQ, 54.7% ALC/VOL: 20% rye mashbill / floral essence.  This bourbon has one of the highest complexities any bourbon could offer.  
The method of swirling allows oxygen to get into the liquid and evaporation to begin.  This is important as the bourbon has been trapped in a cask or a bottle for a lot of its life until this point.  This will reveal the characteristics of the drink.  Swirling your bourbon, placing your nose just above the rim of the glass and savor the aromas.  Some say you should open your mouth slightly and breathe gently through your mouth and nose at the same time.  Many distillery tours will teach you this method.  I agree, but also suggest trying a number of different methods to get a full experience.  Experience the aroma more than once.

Adding water or ice will effect the complexity of the bourbon.  You should try it multiple ways.  Neat, or natural state then add a drop of purified water, which will help release the locked flavors and complexity within the bourbon.  This is also very true to higher alcohol level or "cask" strength bourbons. 

                                      My take on the Science Behind the Rocking Glass Design
When one twirls or swirls a glass, the sugar in the bourbon helps stick the liquor to the walls coating the sides (legs), which then allows for more oxygen to enter the surface of the bourbon.  By doing so, this releases the aroma of the embedded spices, flavors, and unique characteristics the bourbon has to offer.  The Sagaform's design allows this principle to occur.  Instead of the glass being in a state of zero movement until one picks it up, it is free to move on the table when laid to rest or by a simple touch.  I truly feel this design is more then just a "gimmick" or a novelty design.  By simply using this glass, you feel it was made for a purpose.  Going back to Sagaform's philosophy statement, this glass gives one a joyful feeling through innovative design.  With everyone who I shared the rocking glass with, the design and movement put a smile on each face.  If your're sharing a special bourbon with someone, why not  complement it with a unique glass?

Sagaform set out to place themselves apart from the normal design and they did so with the rocking whiskey glass.  If you're looking for something out of the norm to either amplify your enjoyment of a good bourbon, I highly suggest picking up a set of the Sagaform rocking whiskey glasses.

Company Website:

Bar Whiskey Glasses, rounded base, 6 - pack
Art. No: 5015280
Size: 20 cl or 3/4-Ounces
Type of pack: Gift-box
Retail Cost 24.99 - $57.11

Can be purchased through Amazon or other authorized dealers