Thursday, March 20, 2014

Experience the NEAT - Review of the the Ultimate Spirits Glass

What makes a glass an ultimate glass?  Is it the design?  It's purity and omission of lead and other elements removed during it's creation? Or simple a combination of everything. The Neat glass has all these features and takes it a sip further.

To call oneself, "The Ultimate Spirits Glass", you better be able to back it up.  After reviewing the neat glass and learning all about the science behind it from their website, I believe they just might have the right to call themselves the Ultimate Spirits Glass.

The Neat glass sets its self from the rest through design and purpose.  Unlike other glasses, the Neat glass was made with functionality in mind so that one can fully experience the aromas and flavors their choice of drink has to offer.

The two bourbons that were chosen for our review was Angles Envy Rye and the Four Roses OBSV.  Both spirits contain a great deal of flavor and amazing fruity notes from simply just removing the cork.  Once we started using the neat glass, per their instructions, it was like using a magical key that unlocked a door of hidden aromas we had never experienced before in the whiskey.  While sipping, we noticed that the bourbons aromas were more inviting and distinct.  Each ingredient was distinguished from one another.  I would like to make note here that before we used the Neat glass, we read their instructions on how to properly use it.  This is a big deal.  They want the user to understand and learn how to fully utilize the glass and get the most fulfillment from their spirit.  On that note, their information and scientific process would make most peoples head spin, but without it I don't think they would arrive to where they are now.  If you have time and want to learn a great deal of the science behind the neat glass, see their Nosing Science page on their webpage.

The glass it's self is very elegant and appealing.  It fits nicely in ones hand and does not take up a great deal of space.  This is a true sipping glass, made to fully review and enjoy what each type of bourbon has to offer.  Personally, I would not use this as my everyday glass, but one specifically to taste new bourbons and compare among others.

Any bourbon whiskey reviewer, aficionado, or simply one who loves good bourbon, needs to have the Neat glass on their shelve.    


Their Web Site:  The Neat Glass

Price per glass:  $19.95 price break as you purchase more

  - Good things come at a price -  Enjoy your bourbon the way it was made to be -