Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Angel's Envy - Toast the Trees #RE4THETREES

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, an observance in the United States that calls for celebration of “America’s Native Spirit.” Also, where Kentucky shuts down and all we do is drink.  I wish.  During this celebration, there is one distillery that is giving back.

Louisville, Kentucky (September 1, 2015) - Louisville Distilling Co. LLC, producers of the highly celebrated Angel's envy super-premium bourbon will once again Toast the Trees this September (aka National Bourbon heritage Month), in an effort to fight back against the current bourbon barrel shortage.

The World's highest Rated Bourbon is proud to continue its partnership with the Arbor day Foundation to plant new white oaks trees across North America for every picture bourbon enthusiasts take of an Angel's Envy cocktail - neat, on-the-rocks or with the hashtag  #RE4THETREES.  Angel's Envy will plant a white oak tree for every picture posted this September bearing the hashtag.

With a sharp increase of new bourbon enthusiasts over the past several years, demand is higher than every.  Angel's Envy is committed to helping make sure that there is always enough American white oaks for the cooperages and bourbon distilleries of tomorrow to continue to age in new charred oak barrels.  Angel's Envy goes the extra step in finishing in port wine barrels.

American white oak casks are one of the main building blocks of producing bourbon.  And with  barrels only being able to be used once, it’s hard to keep up with the booming growth of the whiskey industry.  Replanting the white oak trees is something all bourbon and whiskey lovers need to take into consideration.  If there is a shortage, prices go up, less bourbon is available to drink, and all humanity goes collapsing down.  So this September, follow these simple steps while you enjoy a great bourbon and help keep our bourbon alive:

1. Purchase Angel’s Envy Bourbon or order one while your out at your favorite bar and or restaurant.
2. Make a drink – neat, on-the-rocks or cocktail, your preference – and take a picture.
3. Post the picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AE4THETREES.
4. Toast the Trees plants a new white oak tree.